About Us

Meet Lisa S. Reed:

Hello! I have 25 years experience in Law Enforcement. Of those 25, I have 17 years experience in interviewing and investigations. I was the Sergeant of the Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit, as well as the Narcotics Unit. I have investigated everything from welfare fraud to homicide. My goal as the owner of LSR Investigations is to conduct the same type of professional investigations for people that have no where else to turn. For people to have their questions answered when they can’t seem to get them from other companies/agencies. The people that work with me are also experienced, qualified officers that are continuing to do what they did best in their first careers.


Background Checks/Asset Checks
Interviewing and statement taking

LSR Investigations handles criminal defense and civil litigation matters. We are skilled at difficult surveillance for worker’s compensation matters, as well as matrimonial issues. Our staff can handle the most complex to the simplest investigations, so never hesitate to call and inquire about our services.

Our mission at LSR Investigations is to serve each client as if they are the most important client we have.